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The Cochran Collaboration & Managing Pandemic Scares | Interview of Dr. Toni Bark, M.D. from The Truth About Vaccines Documentary-Series
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The Truth About Cancer
Published 25 days ago |
Recently, the world lost the brilliant and beautiful soul of Dr. Toni Bark. She changed the world with her incredible knowledge and passion for health. To celebrate her life's work, we want to share the important moments that we spent with her and the life-changing lessons that we learned from her.

In this clip from her behind-the-scenes TTAV interview with Ty Bollinger, she informs us of an independent research group called The Cochrane Collaboration and how they should be playing a bigger role in the management of pandemic scares/misinformation. Instead, the public relies on mainstream media rather than sound science.
About Dr. Toni Bark
Dr. Bark was the medical director for various departments and hospitals and has extensive post-residency training in aesthetic medicine, nutritional medicine, and classical homeopathy with the top trainers in the various fields.

She was certified in Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy and created the “ultimate facial” -a combination of ultrasonic dermabrasion, ultrasonic and electrical stimulation, and transdermal delivery of anti-oxidants and vitamins through electroporation.

Dr. Bark had a successful private practice in preventative medicine and anti-aging medicine, where she performed metabolic profiling, involving looking at insulin resistance, thyroid function and hormonal assessments for men and women. She had been using bio-identical hormones since the early 90’s with great results.

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