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Bible Writing Evidence?
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Published 4 months ago

Although Jesus said that Moses wrote scripture and the Book of Deuteronomy states that Moses wrote scripture, could Moses even write anything? Many mainstream "scholars and experts" disagree. Is there archaeological evidence that supports whether or not Moses could possibly write? What about proto-Hebrew? Could the Exodus have been 1446 or 1250 BC? What about what Dr. Scott Stripling and the Mount Ebal curse stone? Did Dr. Adam Zertal end up concluding that Moses and Joshua existed as the Bible teaches? What about Sinai 177 of the Renfsheri Stele and Sinai 377 rock inscription dating to the 19th century BCE. What about the conclusions of Dr. Doug Petrovich? When faced with that which is falsely called science that disagrees with the Bible, what is a Christian supposed to do? Is there evidence that the Bible could have had writings from Moses? Dr. Thiel and Steve Dupuie address these matters.

A written article of related interest is available titled ' Evidence of Hebrew ancient writing discounted, but … ' URL:


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