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When the Blacks tried to genocide all the Portuguese in Angola: The Battle of Carmona
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Published 2 years ago |
We look at the first day of the bloodiest racial conflict that ever took place in southern Africa, the war between the Portuguese and the blacks. It was a war the Portuguese were definitely going to WIN!

The nightmare that visited the Portuguese in the north of Angola on March 15th, 1961, is unprecedented in southern Africa. Nothing like this ever happened to whites again in any of our 50 years of race wars against the blacks of southern Africa who were sponsored by the Jewish communists of the Soviet Union and China.

On this day, a Non-Communist black, named Holden Roberto, whom the USA and Israel would later sponsor, set out to engage in an enormous massacre to genocide ALL the Portuguese in Angola. The goal was to create such intense fear that all the whites would flee from Angola immediately, just like the Belgians did in the Congo the year before.

The blacks hoped that extreme brutality, total ruthlessness, torture and cruelty would scare the whites into fleeing en masse. But the blacks miscalculated!! The Portuguese civilians in northern Angola were much tougher than they expected! This is the incredible story of the massacres of the whites in Quitexe and the Battle of Carmona where the Portuguese showed a bravery not seen by whites since WW2. Against all the odds, the Portuguese civilians, having almost no military support, fought a desperate struggle against an army of blacks that eventually numbered 60,000. Yet, these whites, outnumbered 10:1 fought on and survived for 6 weeks before the Portuguese army was able to come and regain control of the region.

Carmona was the greatest racial battle we've seen between blacks and whites since the Boers at Blood River and the British at Rorke's Drift! It is a classic story of the bravery, skill and determination of a European people in the face of impossible odds!

We study the military lessons that whites can learn for future race wars, from the actions of the brave Portuguese in northern Angola.

Don't miss the next video about the 1st year of this, the bloodiest racial conflict that ever hit southern Africa. In there we will look at the wider war, and learn more military lessons from it.

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