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170. Kanye, Nick Fuentes, Cat Boy & The Jews
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Published 5 months ago |

Brendon Lee O'Connell(Mirror From)

00:00 Intro, Kill The Poor.

07:01 AMD noise suppression. Proton VPN and Mail, RAD Group routers from Israel.

09:14 Who is Roger Stone? Who organised the visit to Mara'Lago with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes. Alex Jones, General Jim Jones, Dynology, NATO Marine psychological warfare connections.

40:56 Milo and Rick Wiles. Edward Salz asks President Trump a question on Palestine. Where is the consistent marketing campaign?

50:53 Nick Fuentes and the Cat Boy date.

1:17:30 Conclusions - Enough of dog whistles Bannon.

The unfolding circus of unsophisticated "Jews Sux" trolling - expert as it is - is pure Intel. Crisis actors employed, they're all "rent boys" for compromise operations and a high level "Illumined" crisis actor operative, who got all the way to the top...then turned on his master...Django Unchained...get out your popcorn.

None of the "alt" media channels with their many sheep can invoke this very, very, very, very simple, in your face, self evident "facts" about the current incantation of IIA Dynology op known as..."The Apprentice Nazi Rent Boy Show".

Everyone in THAT crowd is highly best. Most are self evident, and if they're getting masses of publicity...they work for them. The day I get an invite to Glenn Beck is the day I know something is very, very, very wrong and I am not doing my job.

Can you imagine I get on Glenn Beck and what? Never say the word Israel or City of London or even "International Banking Cartel" in 90 minutes? Have you had enough of that yet?

A grandiose bipolar manic phase loon puts on a balaclava and goes on IIA Central, Alex Jones, says Hitler is a nice guy in classic troll larper role and people think it's unplanned and not highly co-ordinated?

Trolling King Trumpy right when The Atlantic Council, Murdoch and Kissinger are DESPERATE to push their boy Ronnie De'Santis...

De'Santis is doing alllllllll the right moves while Trump gets trumped like a fool...

Ronnie is taking on The Bankers! Donald Trump is dining with a washed up loon and nazi troller closet gay rent boy with his gay handler Stone apprentice Milo...suggested to him by Dynology General Jim Jones employee, Roger Stone.

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