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Even after living in his own house, that dog had to go through a lot of bad things
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Published 18 days ago

Pitiful Animal

Feb 12, 2024

Rescue center @adoptaporamorphty received a dog in a box that was brought in after being rescued on the street

The boy was in the box breathing hard, his body was thin and malnourished

the boy named Dari, his condition was very bad

On the skin there were many wounds left by ticks, dermatological diseases such as fungus or scabies

They imagined Dari's life was miserable before, he must have been strong to survive

Dari needed to be hospitalized quickly, if delayed, he most likely wouldn't make it

Come to the youtube channel: Pitiful Animal, you will see touching videos about the journey to rescue street dogs.

Like many others, I only fought for the sake of justice.

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Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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