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Dr. David Martin's Speech at International Crisis Summit 5 (Washington DC, 2/23/24)
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Published 2 months ago

(Feb 23, 2024) Dr. David Martin: “We actually said, that we were actually in 1948, prohibit experimentation on humans at all costs. But, at exactly the same time 45 U.S. Code Section 46-C created an exemption. And the exemption said, that if you were a prisoner, if you were an orphan, if you were in the military service, or in any part of the federal service, you actually did not have to receive informed consent.

"Isn’t it fascinating that on the heels of Nuremberg we decided to take the public who served our country and say, they can be exterminated for the benefit of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, and they wrote into the law an absolute exemption from any prosecution. Total immunity from any prosecution for any crime ever, including murder.

“You think we have a problem with COVID? We have a problem because we decided that we would make an exemption at the exact same time we said the Nuremberg convention actually had merit. We made an exemption that said, the people who serve our country can be slaughtered. That’s not an America that's ‘land of the free and home of the brave’. That’s genocidal, homicidal maniacs! That’s what that is.”

International Crisis Summit (ICS):

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