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First Flight Over North Pole (1926)
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Paranomal Activity
Published 6 months ago |
Spitsbergen, The Arctic (owned by Norway).

Title: "First Flight over North Pole. Exclusive PATHE GAZETTE pictures of Cmdr. Byrd's historic flight from King's Bay".

Intertitle: "Amundsen - his friendly rival - greets the party on the arrival in the 'Chantier'."

L/S of a ship moving towards the camera over a very still sea, passing large lumps of ice.

Intertitle: "After 15 1/2 hours flight, Cmdr. Byrd arrives, claiming to have 'circled' round the Pole".

M/S of two men in flying helmets climbing into an aeroplane with the words 'FOKKI' and 'BYRD' painted on the side.

Intertitle: "Good luck!"

M/S of three men on the deck of a ship, one wears a fur hat and officer stripes on his jacket. The ship is moored next to a larger vessel, one of the men goes to the edge of the deck and clambers onto the bigger boat. M/S of six men and a dog on the deck of the other vessel. They seem in good spirits, they all are dressed in winter clothing to protect them from the cold.

L/S of the aeroplane parked on a stretch of frozen sea, a group of men drag the aircraft up a slight slope. M/S of men climbing into the aeroplane (as before). L/S of two ships moving slowly through the Arctic ice flow. Panning shot follows three men walking between crates unloaded from the plane. M/S of two men shaking hands.

Panning L/S of the plane taking off from snowy landscape, an aircraft hangar is in the background. Similar shot of the same plane coming into land, a crowd has gathered to welcome it.

Two men carry the pilot - Byrd? - to a crowd waiting beside the plane. M/S of the backs of a crowd of men giving three cheers; they wave their hats in the air.

Note: Commander Byrd is also known as Captain Byrd or Admiral Richard E Byrd.
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