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The Beginning Of The End For The Serial Liar Fauci, Good Riddance
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Published 3 months ago |
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Sources used in video:

Sweden vs Israel -

How the illusion of a pandemic is built -

Fauci lied, US paid for wuhan research, he should be terminated -

Iodine kills covid in 15 seconds -

Canada sees rise in youth injuries from vaxx -

CDC puts out ridiculous list of woke terms, who elected these fools -

ACLU, leftist hacks get bought off -

Obama's releases are now running Afghanistan -

20 years later, still awaiting trial -

Potatohead wants $6 billion to resettle unvetted afghans -

Potatohead says no electrical emissions by 2020 -

Another democrat busted for corruption -

Australia, please explain why I can't leave -

Australian health minister Chant says covid is forever -

This is a childrens doctor -

Walter throws 2 touchdown passes in one game -

Steve Inman -

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