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Col. Grant Newsham: War With China a Real Possibility, But Political Warfare is Preferred
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Published a year ago

Col. Grant Newsham discusses the changing world order which is not anything new or unprecedented. The conflict with China is primarily fought through non-kinetic and insidious means of unrestricted warfare and subversion (e.g. cultural, information, psychological, economic, cyber). Just like the U.S. and Western business helped build up Hitler and the Nazi regime, the same has happened with China. The Biden Administration is the most seriously compromised administration when it comes to China. He comments on COVID19 and the population control system (e.g. Social Credit). China has undergone the fastest military buildup in history, surpassing the U.S. in some areas. There are real possibilities of a war breaking out, but Beijing will attempt to achieve its goals through political warfare.

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About Col. Grant Newsham

Col. Grant Newsham, a retired U.S. Marine, served in the Indo-Pacific for decades, including in intelligence and liaison roles, and was instrumental in establishing Japan’s amphibious force. As a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, he covered a number of regions, including East and South Asia, and specialized in insurgency, counterinsurgency, and commercial matters. An attorney, he lived in Tokyo for more than twenty years, working for an investment bank and in the high-tech industry.

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