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100% Accuracy Of Bible Prophecy-NOW THE END BEGINS-JAN 21 2024
Published 3 months ago

Your King James Bible is the world's most-unique Book, containing in it something that no other 'religious writings' would ever even dare to talk about, prophecy. And yes, I further separate the King James from other 'bibles' like the NIV, ESV, NKJV and all the others due to their myriad errors and mistakes. God has faithfully preserved His word with its copious amount of prophecy, and not a one has failed in nearly 6,000 years. On this episode of Rightly Dividing, we are looking at some startling prophesies that God spoke to the prophets, all of them fairly far into the future, and then give you the approximate mathematical chances of them coming true. The Library of Congress states that its collection fills about 838 miles of bookshelves and holds more than 177 million items with over 25 million books and other print materials. 25 million books and not one of them can tell you the future with 100% accuracy every time it opens its mouth. Only the Bible is capable of that. Join us tonight as we look at Bible prophecy that gives you information like people's names, birthplaces, identities and historical events like the Holocaust all written about 200 to 4,000 years before it happened!

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