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Published 2 months ago

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Can you have friendships with people who aren't morally ambitious? People who simply look to earn a pay check and pursue their own hobbies. People who say they aren't interested in politics but are also bonded to the state and see it as a necessity. They believe in human rights as defined by the UN, and try to be good people, but aren't tied to any deeper universals due to a skepticism of religion. They try to not be judgmental of others, because they see this as minding their own business and respecting the freedoms of others.

They aren't explicitly committing evil, but they also aren't condemning it either since they believe there is little you can do about it anyway. They are polite/agreeable, conscientious and have good emotional regulation, but lack a deep hunger for moral truths and seek pleasure and artistic expression instead.

These people are difficult to reject because they aren't explicitly committing evil, neurotic or incapable of reciprocity. They are kind and try to be considerate, but at the same time don't fill you with a sense of reliability because they are blind to the evils of the world and don't have the same moral concerns that you do.

P.s. These are same sex male friendships I'm referring to.

Thank you for everything you do! Me and my wife are in our Mid-Twenties and are eager to start a family and parent our children peacefully.

I strive to make enough income and cut back back on unnecessary expenses, so that my wife can stay home with our children. A natural concern I have as the provider of my future family is how to accumulate enough resources in the current world.

I only see a few feasible options as to where I can invest our excess money in order to provide for my family. That would be crypto and a diversified ETF portfolio.

What are your thoughts about investing in a diversified ETF portfolio like the MSCI World and MSCI emerging market as a long term investment. There is research that after 15 years, there has always been a net positive return and that the expected inflation adjusted gains are about 5% per year. On paper this looks like a good deal, but I have my concerns as the stock market is artificially propped up by the government and a crash is more than overdue.

I know you do not give financial advice and I will do more of my own research, but it would be great if you can share your insights. Anyone else is of course also invited to share their perspective.

Why do men propose to women? Rather than the other way around.

Stefan, have you seen any of Olympic figure skating gold medal winner Tara Lipinski's YouTube podcast (with her hapless husband) called "Unexpecting"? It's a sad, cautionary tale that points to so many things you've brought up: the real fertility window for women, women pursuing career at the expense of having a family, the actual success rate of IVF for women her age (7% if I recall correctly?). Lipinski's podcast is both fascinating and tragic: egg retrievals, failed IVF transfers, miscarriages, then finally hiring a surrogate (renting another woman and buying a baby, essentially). Watching her podcast, I couldn't help but think of all the ways you've warned women on the truth about fertility, no doubt helping so many. I wish Tara Lipinski had been listening to you!

I have 4 questions in total.

1.) Can there be an education in which there is no authority whatsoever?

2.) Why do humans condition each other by understanding enormous complexity of things early in life, and never see the simplicity? Why have we trained our children's brains to see the complexity and then try to find an answer to the complexity, when we don't see the extraordinary simplicity of life, and facts? After all, if one is really simple first, from that, you can understand the vast complexity of things.

3.) What is real listening? When does it come about? What does it sound like, really? Does it have sound? What quality is it, does it take?


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