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Published 2 months ago

PLEASE focus love/light & good intention on Abydos & the Temple of Seti

To support my work is SIMPLE, just share it! no money wanted, no books/T-shirts/cups etc being SOLD, just support me by sharing, Thank you.

I would rather be & seek to be a man of the world than a SLAVE to my "country"

You/We/I are source consciousness on a soul journey have a spiritual experience in a carbon based avatar in the 3d on planet Earth, ANYTHING else is either what You/We/I do whilst here, ego or how other perceive us!

There are no forests on Earth,

Connor Shepherd,

Adolf Hitler, The greatest story never told,

Sam at the


watch this and open your eyes.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants,

Dead men's secrets, A MUST WATCH.

try this, a musical treat,

My E-mail, [email protected],

My original Bitchute channel,

Me on MeWe,

the group I run on MeWe,

A good friends holistic website,

and this compliments the above,

Royal Raymond Rife,

Dave Tommo and his music.

This is so important, please watch and share,

DEEP but well worth the time

Spend some time this this channel,

“Once you have done a man a service, what more would you have? Is it not enough to have obeyed the laws of your own nature, without expecting to be paid for it? That is like the eye demanding a reward for seeing, or the feet for walking. It is for that very purpose that they exist; and they have their due in doing what they were created to do. Similarly; man is born for deeds of kindness; and when he has done a kindly action, or otherwise served the common welfare, he has done what he was made for, and has received his quittance.” – Marcus Aurelius

Some people read to learn, I used to, now I read to become aware because learning does not more than make one a better slave! Bazzzilll, 19/10/2023

The secret to life is to work for the self and live for each-other! Bazzzillll, 30/10/2023


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