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Dr. Judy Mikovits Discussing the COVID19 mRNA Vaccine Will Kill Us
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Deception is Not True Consent
Published 8 months ago |
Find time to watch this really informative video regarding the so-called COVID vaccine and what their vaccines have been doing to our bodies for the last 50 to 70 years and this is why this gene therapy which creates a chemical pathogen is why our own immune system will destroys us.

I remind all the so-called fact checkers around the world, you are no different than Mr Bill Gates the way you attack to destroy anyone that is revealing the facts to expose their evil agenda on this planet and that’s to change human DNA and depopulation and that is why you all should fear the ultimate authority because you will never be allowed to fulfil their evil fantasy so be warned fact checkers, your actions and lies will not go unchecked.

that is why Corona lies and hoax vaccine is judging all on Earth - - as shown on the website - -

People on this Planet have to save themselves - by standing within true human consciousness of 3rd dimension to get back into flow of Creation before the hammer comes down to end this evil once and for all.
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