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HK VP9 - Ambidextral Gunfighter Review
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Published a year ago |
Ambidextral Gunfighter Review of the HK (H&K) VP9. Comparison to THE Ambidextral Pistol, the Walther PPQ M1 Classic.

ThePatriotsRock2 commented on initial version of this video regarding illuminated sights. So I added some new commentary. He also noted that slide "ears" are actually called "charging ports"....I'll compromise and call them "charging ears", but no update to the video.

Motorcycle throttle hand
Cop, left hand approaching vehicle, better angle, less retention risk
Shooting from within a patrol car
Slide rattle, but barrel lockup...vs sight wobble?
Firing Pin safety VP9 vs PPQ
Trigger...perfect...PPQ creepy
Trigger channel
Sights like Novak on Ruger, illuminated? Front sight covered, rear not...good idea? Your opinion?
Thinner grip and no side lumps
Slide release, ambi afterthought...why not same length?
Take down lever...slide lock back
Paddle mag release PPQ vs VP9
Magazine finger indents
Grip texture...PPQ vs VP9
Slide serrations Ruger American 9 to VP9 to PPQ
Cocked indicator
CC study
Size & weight

Free booklet, The Ambidextral Gunfighter
ambidextrous pistolambidextral pistolhk vp9

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