SeeUAP's? Hear EMF's? Spirit Animal Convo w/ Mr. Crow? YESx3. Enter: IR Camcorder.
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Testing this new IR camcorder I got. #SkyWatch. Prepping for #Eclipse2024. Video of clear sky at night, noticed anomalies when, or after I turned on RED LASER. UAP? UFO? 4D visitors? LMK what u think in the comment section. Then before sunrise, I climbed up to the crow's nest to IR record- during a full moon sunrise(2 weeks before eclipse)- other things in the sky... like murders of crows flying East and South-East. Aack! Aack! Aack! #EarthAlliance Quakes, volcanos, tsunamis to be expected, but the thing YOU can DO SOMETHING about is "social unrest". Refs: AirBnB's new "Major Disruptive Event" policy; Googlz "Sensitive Events" plan to hush news of "Foreseen Unforeseen Events" in search results; and/or Health Ins. Policies 2024's new clause, no coverage for damages as a result of "ACTS OF WAR, DELCARED OR UNDECLARED". that I have made some recent videos about, look back and watch those videos. #EarthAlliance Mr. Crow passes the infobombtorch to White Rabbit to continue this deep-dive into #Eclipse2024. See this video MJTank channel- Who Keeps Ruining Our Great Civilizations and High Societies?

If you ain't scurred to go up crow's nests and down rabbit holes, get you a "Follow Me" White Rabbit tee shirt, or the crop top at my Etsy store here:

What Mr. Crow is hinting at is, "WARNING. Expect, and be prepared for PIRATE RAIDS! #BePrepared " My "Eagle in the crow's nest" hint is, develop a #PSP Personal Sustainability Plan! Part of my #PSP includes products for well-being on my linktree; One is to use PESTCONTROL as coupon code to save $10 at, NCSWIC you better GET IT! Plus Ivermectin is now also on sale by 20% off. You can add that to your emergency antibiotics JASEcase.

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