Gravity IS Incoherent Magnetism!
133 views • 01/04/2020
First of all, if you are one of the flat earthers that insists so called 'Gravity' doesn't exist - GET REAL! Yes, gravity has been woefully misrepresented as to its true nature but to deny there is in fact a DOWNward acceleration that draws things towards the Earth is patently ridiculous! It is an axiom of physics that wherever there is an acceleration, there MUST be a FORCE causing it!

It has been suggested that gravity be renamed to something else to rid it of its stigma. While that may sound like a good idea on the surface, we need to debate this topic with the mainstream on their terms and labels. Thus, the term 'gravity' is just something we are going to have to deal with.

Is gravity bendy space-time as Einstein claims? Absolutely not!
Is it true the more mass an object has, the more gravitational attraction it has? No - in fact, experimental data refutes this assertion.

Is gravity capable of slinging space stations, Moons, and satellites around the Earth - NO - even if it was a sphere the attractive force would be way too weak and gets weaker as mass accumulates because the field becomes more and more incoherent.

Next, for those of you who are about to claim magnetic fields can be blocked, you are absolutely correct. This only applies to fields external to the mass creating a coherent or incoherent field.
Consider this. ALL matter is made up of charged particles. This is an indisputable FACT! Anything that exhibits a charge, by definition, also creates a magnetic field by virtue of its motion - no matter how infinitesimal it may be. This is also an indisputable fact! Thus any collection of matter, regardless of volume or mass, will create a weak ATTRACTIVE field. Thus, mass does indeed attract mass. The irony here is it is far easier to demonstrate mass attracting mass with small masses rather than with big lead balls.

So called 'Gravity' is resultant from INCOHERENT magnetic / electrostatic fields. When these fields are COHERENT, the resultant power/force emanated is significant. The same goes for light. A very low power coherent LASER light can burn through a lot.

We will be expanding on this series to answer questions like why helium and rain clouds seem to be unaffected by this field. Short answer - they ARE affected, there are just other factors in play.

Big thanks to Zack, gudtims4all for creating these videos based on my thoughts and interpretations of Ken Wheeler and my special PhD EE friend who wishes to remain anonymous.
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