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The pro-choice movement’s entire argument centers around the deprivation of human rights, solely for the mother of course, her child is either characterized as a hinderance or not recognized as a human being at all. In the periphery, when that isn’t effective, they fall back on incest, rape, and medical emergency. Once again the life of the child is disregarded with one additional caveat, with regard to rape and incest, the baby is now burdened with the responsibility of perpetrating the heinous act along with the violator. Ironically, only the baby is guaranteed the death penalty while the monster gets three meals, Netflix, and a penal gym membership. All of this is predicated on the belief that the value of human life is determined by level of development, gender, diagnosed impairments, economics, personal desire, location and size. The truth is abortion is premeditated mass murder. They know it. We know it. Yet it is still in practice today. We abolished slavery, but child sacrifice is still on the table; what that says about our modern civilization is that you can lead us to righteousness, but you can’t make us drink.

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