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Free for All
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Published 2 months ago |
c.2008 Mike Caraway

1) Truly for freedom we were set free, nevermore cave in to slavery,
A great price was paid for a life too precious to be spent on our knees,
The thief showed up in the night, to unlock my heart for the fight,
For our life, our family, our rockin right to freedom, to stand apart in the light,
To speak the truth even before being spoken to,
To war against the hoax that the world throws at you,
Like your identity as seen thru the stupid eye
Of the empty rulers of the double-cross from the sky,
Like the glamor of man and the clamor of gold
That get you to forget Who ransomed your soul,
To reach out to your healin, teachin, spiritual tribe,
With tender integrity together ready to fly,

REFRAIN: Every member of our lovin body is free as the high risin sea,
A new life is given now, free for all, to rule your eternal journey.

2) Walk away from that leadership scum, who use the sky as a murder weapon,
How can they talk about their promises of freedom, when they’re overcome by
Dance away from that magical star, who mis-directs you from who you are,
Infecting you with the drug of bogus self-love, as his trance closes your heart,
They bury you inside the groups they assign you to,
Deny the good news of the love, so faithful and true,
Fool you to fight one another, to keep you alone,
Treat you like animals scramblin for scraps from their throne,
Criminal syndicate in religious, prestigious clothes,
Killer parasites wearin their self-righteous pose,
Experts in greed, brutality, seducing children,
The starkest of darkness has been reserved for them. (But)


BREAK: All my thoughts and dreams, they are my own,
Where my singin heart brings me is home,
Nothin to live up to, but to share the love
With grace by faith in every place I roam,
To serve you, not fear or tyranny,
Your peace defeats the grief and agony,
I left the law of sin and death, I’m headin for glory,
This is what bein free means to me.

3) Provocateurs try to get you upset, thru self-doubt, threats and disrespect,
Well, you’re free to tell them how they’re bein used to tie the noose around
their own necks,
Powermongers cloud up your skies, to keep you sick, controlled and terrorized,
It’s a slick, low-down con, disguised as normal, but you’re free to believe
your own eyes,
Free to beat the inside deal with real live prayer,
Free to smash cruel indifference with true passion care,
Free to love one another just like He loves you,
To your sisters and brothers to give your life too,
Free to dance with joy given to you with every breath,
Over the pit of transhuman, poison, devil-dog death,
Free to be called to stand now on spiritual feet,
Free to walk hand-in-hand with our Dad down the street.


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