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Report 293 | Dr. Felipe Reitz Reveals Clotting, Graphene, Immuno-Compromise in Vaccinated Blood
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Published 2 years ago

Educative and informative conversation with Dr. Felipe Reitz, scientist and medical diagnostics researcher with 25 years experience in blood analysis and 20 years experience in thermographic imaging from Brazil who shares his findings on vaccinated blood, revealing forming blood clots, fibrin, graphene, microcuts, long clots, with all damage found to increase after higher doses of the COVID vaccines. He reports he made these discoveries after people came to him for blood analysis on their own, often for other ailments, and that thermographic imaging especially revealed very concerning capillaries-and-veins clogged with long blood clots and micro-cuts all over the body which were not visible on physical examination of patients.

This suggests that those vaccinated may be suffering internal blood damage which is not readily visible yet which may cause symptoms and which would go on to cause greater harm in time.

Three to five years is the time that he as also other doctors gives those vaccinated, a very short time indeed in which, he says, about two billion of the world's population—since billions have been vaccinated—may die, if they do not take action to detox the graphene and heal themselves.

The graphene load also causes human bodies to become antennas and transmitters, with wifi signals being detected as emanating from the vaccinated—he has himself tested this at the beach he reports and documented specific frequencies—Bluetooth addresses—given off by people around him in the water (who didn't have cellphones on them). This kind of wifi access will lead to external control of humans.

This in fact is precisely the intention of various graphene and wireless body network inventions noted in patents and papers and suggests that the intended Internet of Nano Bio Things and Internet of Bodies dreamed up by controlling transhumanists wanting to convert humans into human-machine hybrids is a stealth intention being executed through the COVID vaccines as also through the aerosols. We have experienced over 40 years of toxin attack in the water, soil, air through GMOS, flouridation, nanometallics in aerosols and vaccines, says Dr. Reitz, and blood analysis can show how it affects your body and health; luckily, he says a New Earth is in the offing and times will change soon, in the next three months perhaps, but it is important to take care of your health and detox these toxins out.

You can reach Dr. Reitz through his email address ([email protected]) for an online consult and help with detox; you can also reach out to local naturopaths and chelators for detox help.


Dr. Ana Maria Mihaelcea who first interviewed Dr. Reitz has said Chelation is very helpful, please see her information here:

Dr. Ariyana Love helps with detoxing, as also Dr. Robert Young. See Report 290 on Solutions to the Pollution with both here: REPORT 290 |DR. ROBERT YOUNG, DR. ARIYANA LOVE ON SOLUTIONS TO THE POLLUTION FROM VACCINES, AEROSOLS/

Please see my post here for the collected detox protocols of various doctors, including Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Judy Mikovitz:


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