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** KNOW THY ENEMY ** - A Look At Who Owns The World - InfoWars/Reese – 03/Nov/2021
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Published a year ago |
- InfoWars, Greg Reese – 03/Nov/2021
- A look into the documentary ‘MONOPOLY – Who owns the world?’
• Enemy: lemmings that are dragging you with them into mass Death through Submission.
• Greg always does a great job consolidating a ton of info into short videos.
• You guys need to see this website it's page after page of victims" " it's crazy how many people have been affected by this crazy jab
• The Age of Democracy is over as was the age of the Old Testament with Jesus’ Advent. He came to be the King of Israel, but was rejected. Donald Trump also came to initiate the Age of God’s Kingdom as Cyrus previously had. Trump also was crucified, but he can be resurrected depending on the faith of the people, as so for Jesus’ disciples. They scattered in fear & disbelief. Jesus spent 40 days on earth regathering them & more significantly resurrecting their faith. Jesus needed people on earth to carry the baton & standard for Christ’s teachings & message. Without believers, what was the point of Jesus coming. Judaism & Christianity are not about democracies, elections & voting, they are about blessing, anointing & oiling God’s chosen people. God no longer wants democracy. These recent victories for the Republicans are hollow and meaningless now, as they too, the Republicans have been invaded by Satan as they watched Donald Trump being crucified. It’s a bit like after a huge storm finding a few things still left intact & thinking that is God’s blessing. It isn’t. Learn the lesson of what the storm actually means. Satan defeated God’s side in the election because God’s side may as well have been Satan’s side in the first place. Christians have failed to serve & protect the nation, that is God’s House, paying lip service to God with meaningless pap & self-righteous platitudes. Christians are a disgrace. Christianity itself has become one giant cult dumping everything on Jesus & not taking personal responsibility for the House of God, God’s nation. What does that mean? We were serving Satan all along because of our ignorance and arrogance, and not truly doing God’s Will. That means we were Satan’s secret weapon. So Satan was running a pincer strategy against the House of God. cont'd in reply:
• Americans have to stop putting up with the tyranny, and get out of the trance like state they are in. The Constitution is being violated 24/7 and it is time for the citizens to start arresting those who are violating it. Don't let them hide behind democracy and the Constitution just when it suits their own ends. It's no use waiting for law and order to do something, they are governed by these criminals. People must act according to their consciences, not illegal orders, especially from an illegitimate President and his administration. By now, everyone should have worked it out, including the military, the police and the citizens. Therefore do what's right, and take back America from these criminal Marxist kidnappers and thieves. Arrest Biden, his administration and the Democrats to start with. Re-inaugurate Donald Trump and focus on purging America of enemies foreign and especially domestic. America has neglected justice whilst being continually focused on mammon. Trump needs to do better 'second time in', and stop allowing so many bad guys to be part of team America. The ego needs to be reined in right across America. America must go back to her founding ideals and 'build back better', centring on God not Karl Marx. We can always do better! Trump must also have spiritual advice and counsel. The 'climate, Covid and vaccine hoax' must be terminated, and the world liberated by real science and real medicine, once again having real debate and dialogue, not false narratives being pushed by the left wing 'legacy media' and 'uneducated children', creating a culture of fear, hysteria & ignorance.
• It is time to impose God's Will and culture upon the people as Moses did in Sinai, Ex 32 & throughout the wilderness period and beyond. God's people must now rise up against brother & sister, son and daughter as the Levites did that day in Ex 32. America is worshipping the golden calf as even Aaron did, as Christians are today without even realising it. Everyone must separate from Satan, you can do so willingly or by the sword. One way or another, America will be separated from Satan. How, is up to us. Before Satan has destroyed America through Biden's administration; vaccines, energy crisis, unemployment, stealing trillions from the treasury, the 'green new deal', Americans must fight back.
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