Brighteon Broadcast News, May 22, 2024 – BELIEVE YOUR OWN EYES – the signs of imminent collapse are undeniable
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- AI model training and fine-tuning with very large alt media datasets (0:03)

- The importance of preserving human knowledge in the face of big tech and government #censorship assaults (4:21)

- Impending financial collapse of America, denial and ignorance among the masses (8:20)

- Two types of outcomes: those who lost everything and those who prepared and became the new owners of assets (13:01)

- #Gold and #silver investments for post-collapse preparedness (20:54)

- Unpredictable future events, including government, technology, and societal changes (26:12)

- The rapid advancement of technology and its impact on society, including surveillance, warfare, and writing (31:24)

- Backup communication methods for emergencies, including satellite phones and Bivy sticks (36:09)

- Satellite phones and their use during emergencies, including their ability to work during solar flares and hurricanes (43:26)

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