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Room Reveal Of My Room - MYSTORY Nr21
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Published 8 months ago |
Room Reveal Of My Room - MYSTORY Nr21
And Gameplay Of Destiny And Others

Hello World, Hello Viewers!
This video marks the start of a new chapter.
Now you have access to my room too.
#roomreveal, #filmset, #video, #mysetup
#new, #camera, #gameplay
#fun, #epic

_______________ My New Room _______________
I finally have a background


Hello World!
Finally I was able to replace my old blue green-screen with a proper background.
This room is basically now my background and I love it.
I am not getting squished between my blue green-screen and my table anymore.


This is a good thing because my performance will be better in the future.
This video is also my twentyfirst video and I am happy to have reached this new random milestone.
My description blog post is also altered to give users the best experience possible with alternative backup links for my content.
Let me know if you get a good overview of my links in the description and blog post.


I also decided to make some gameplay of some games.
So enjoy Destiny2, Doom2016 and Counterstrike Global Offensive.
Let me know if you get a good overview of my room and everything behind me.


These games are action games but I will also play some of these nice 2d adventure games that have some pixel-art.
Feel free to suggest me new games to try.


This video is special because it is my first twentyfirst video as I have mentioned before. I also must be on all social networks and platforms on the internet so feel free to suggest me some new ones.


I also added my outtakes in the final section of this video.
You will understand why I cut them when you watch them.
I would also suggest you not to try to consume a lot of tinfoil.
Yours Sincerely,

X - About Section

A list of my main links!
All My Pages: Networks, Groups, Pages
All My Stuff: Featured Equipment, Games, Clothing (give me your money)
All My Merch: Exclusive Unique Merch (give me more of your money)
Backup Links: Homepages, Social Networks, Groups

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