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Tea and Honey
About Tea and Honey

I am your 70+ yr old 'Internet Life Coach Granny'. I share, say, show, question, inform, and challenge the population to actually think.  Agree with me or disagree with me. All that matters is that you think about the topics I post and maybe... act on them. Morals, standards, as well as business & private relationships are deteriorating, and ethics are in the toilet.  I am ashamed of most of my generation and applaud at nearly all who have come after. I shoot from the hip and spare no punches all without curse words or biting my tongue.  I refuse to be politically correct while standing up as one of the last remnants of folks that refuse to compromise for with the masses.  So, call me one if the  'Old Fogies' if you wish... I'm proud to be one! Follow me to find out what life was like a few score years ago and and where my head and heart still are.