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About Live Cheap in an Uncheap World

My channel is about how to live cheap and now because of supply chain crunches, inflation and God knows what else we have to do that just to survive. I've been playing around with how to live cheap ever since I got started in the whatever peak oil regime many years ago that's somewhere warped into climate change or global warming and now I don't know what we got, the whole world seems to be all mixed up and topsy turvy at the moment. All the more reason to get into Living cheap or trying to change your mentality just to live cheap. It's a challenge but it has been brought on by economic circumstances so I'm glad I started when I did.

How To Live Cheap In An UnCheap World: Money Saving Tips And Ways To Save Money On Grocery Shopping, Car Repairs And How To Make Money Online Doing Freelance ... (Live FREE In An UNFREE World Book 1)