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Biblical Solution
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Have we never wondered why it is that the very same group of people who have spent years convincing billions of us that the God of the Bible is just a myth, are strangely the very same group of people who not only worship the other end of that same Bible's deities, but even sacrifice our children to those specifically named entities of satan and lucifer?

Coincidence, perhaps?  No, and here's our summarized ways of explaining their deception from one of our books that will help simplify how we descibe our ministry here:

"Outlaws against YHWH's biblical law system (who didn't like being called outlaws), gradually found ways to confuse, rewrite, and eliminate the laws of God, replacing His system with 'outlaw friendly' laws and then told the world that they should now be called "lawyers" and "politicians".  The world's less educated sinners ignorantly applauded, signed up to idolize them, and began to pay their fees."

Or even more simply put...

"The world's crooked sinners found a way to tell people they had improved YHWH's laws. --The gullible sinners fell for it."

Our ministry's goal therefore, is to show with as much evidence as we can, and often offered in layman's terms, just how they have done this, and how we, as freedom and justice loving believers can turn that back around on them if we would all just work together under YHWH's "rescue instructions" come of His Bible's "government built on love"!!!

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Blessings to all who are hungry to hear His genuine ways!