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About BeadHappyDBA


On Dec. 30, 2020 on YouTube we uploaded a SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETED video from Dublin Ireland  which reported the virus had never been isolated & it received a strike. We experienced outrage at the fundamental wrongness of this, of the betrayal of the USA 1st amendment as well as the betrayal of the ADA (americans with disabilities act) WHICH protects folk's rights to access information, ie, deaf folks, HH folks viewing  interpreted content, ETC. This began our search for a platform free of suppression of information. We are grateful to, Mike Adams as well as all those who support this platform to be realized.  I never set out to be a kind of reporter, however,  I find this to be my situation more and more. As of today 2.14.23 BeadHappy has 9 subscribers on Youtube

and 184 subscribers on Brighteon. Our latest upload was our most viewed yet "..nurse and ob/gyn on spike in fetal demise..."  PLEASE consider donating via Pay Pal for our time and work in making this channel possible. We will continue as long as it remains possible. And LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT AND ALL OF YOU <3 GREAT BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!