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Ba'al Busters
About Ba'al Busters

Baal Busters is a video project I started over 4 years ago on YouTube and  I began with a heavy warning about conventional vaccines using references such as Eustace Mullins' Murder by Injection and others.  I had been doing independent historical research and analysis for some years and the manipulation of our fates and beliefs were so blatant I felt compelled to point it out to others.  Another original show topic was the Baal Cult and how it relates to the Jesuits, modern day tyranny, and abominations of the government and medical establishment.  I hosted a radio show for awhile, and still put out my videos in podcast form as well.  I am a former US Coast Guard Telecom Specialist (Radioman) and had TS Clearance to perform my duties. I have published 3 books prior to doing video, and have a new Baal Busters book coming that shows a clear line from the Canaanite Baal Cult running through History to the Present.  I have owned and operated a small business for 9 years where I handcraft 34 varieties of original hot sauces I created.  I look forward to seeing your comments. Thank you for Watching.