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A TREMENDOUS WORK for the ignorant, the searchers and the doubters ....

"In the beginning was the Word .... A Tedeum to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.... You all are His creatures, once lost to Him .... And He will not rest until He has recovered all the sheep ...."

With these words the revelations of God to Bertha Dudde began on June 15, 1937, which found the conclusion on August 17, 1965 with the manifestation 9030 as a seal. It is an enormous work, which is to come about through your cooperation, and one day the strangest opinions will be formed about the origin of the work, and one will assume that all writings could only come into being in such a way that through a concentration in a very certain direction of the mind the talent as a writer was formed and everything that came into being was now so to speak the result of this mental concentration .... and an activity of supersensible powers was only a morbid imagination of the writer. Now, however, the Lord prepares something which will also give those doubters to think.

He determines numerically the total extent of the work ..... For the first time 9000 chapters are offered to the people, which explain everything sufficiently, what is necessary for the human being, in order to be able to instruct the ignorant again.

When Jesus walked on earth, He spoke of the kingdom of God, of a kingdom that is not of this world ..... He did not speak of worldly power, nor did He speak of an ecclesiastical power, of an organization; nor did He speak of men who were to rule over His church in God's stead; ....

He spoke only to His disciples, "Go and teach all nations ...." He commissioned them to instruct the people in His teaching of love, and He promised them His cooperation if they remained in His Spirit ....

For as soon as they taught love, they themselves had to live in love, and thus the Lord Himself was with them, Who is love. But where love rules, every ruling power is unnecessary .... where love rules, there one serves the other, and where love rules, there commandments are unnecessary, unless the commandment of love is preached to the people, which God Himself has given. The complete work together with topic booklets is given free of charge, because GOD'S WORD IS NOT A COMMERCIAL GOOD!!!

"For free you have received it, for free pass it on". FOR THE TIMES WITHOUT ELECTRICITY AND INTERNET!!! THE CLUDE HUMAN provides!!!

THE OVERALL WORK of BERTHA DUDDE in chronological order of the REVELATIONS OF JESUS in 81 volumes is available at:

Hans-Willi Schmitz

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