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Awakening Magick
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About Awakening Magick
Hi! I'm Natalie, I help you stop suppressing your DIVINE gifts & here to illuminate the path for my fellow indigos & starseeds to launch your mission on Earth so that more of us can serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness.

Here to help us HARMONIZE the Sacred Energies again!

We’re part of something HUGE; a brotherhood & sisterhood of soul families here to serve. Each of us are here to bring our unique gifts & wisdom through in our own ways.

I'm a descendant of the Emerald Order, the Dragon Family Line who are the original Grail Holders of the Emerald Order – my Earth bloodline is of the Celtic-Druid Maji Grail Lineage.

I'm part of a sisterhood of the female mystics/seer line of the Mother of Dragons.

On behalf of my ancestors, I serve as a reminder of magick-- not the twisted evil magick but the magick that is the fabric of all of Creation --and to help others remember their OWN magick, the DIVINITY that lives within us ALL for we are ALL ONE!

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