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5G Damage to Trees in Gateshead, England
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Cave Talk
Published 3 years ago |
This is alleged damage to a tree caused by 5G small transmitter on top of a street light. There are more videos like this one.

As for this "Vodafone whistleblower" hoopla, I'm rather skeptical.

I think that this effort to link 5G and #coronavirus kungflu will discredit anybody asking serious questions about the safety of the 5G technology.

It's funny how around any kind of upheaval, there arise an army of "experts" to tell us what is and what isn't. This whistleblower says a few things that make sense and can be check out.

His technical pseudo jargon annoys the crap out of me. "5G is a very very very very high frequency". Really? Last time I checked, it wasn't "a frequency", but rather a wide range of high frequencies. And "it's just below the specification of a military weapon". Wow, where can I find this "specification"? I thought the military can kill you with ultrasounds, lead or bare hands, if they choose to do so.

His predictions of millions of people that will die - what is he basing it on? Coronavirus is peaking and the number of deaths worldwide haven't reached 100k. And those are BS numbers - someone who slipped on a banana peal and died in a hospital is called coronavirus victim if they tested positive.

I believe there is a link between 5G and the coronavirus, just as there is a link between 5G and cancer, etc. Sydney has a very dense 5G implementation, with high RF levels and yet the whole country has 6000+ cases and only about 50 deaths.

This guy may have all the best intentions for all I know, but - sorry - I'm just allergic to bullshit.

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