ancient writing on possible meteorite rock
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Jan 19, 2024

⭐️ As bizarre as some of the footage you are about to see in this video is, it's all real. These are real-life encounters of 'something' the viewer saw, recorded and was unable to identify. These are ordinary people that saw something extraordinary. I also touch on earth and sun related topics such as a possible pole reversal, large earth directed solar flares that could take out the power grid and satellites, also monitor earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.

They shared their unique experience with me via a video or sometimes pictures and I am sharing them with you. If you watch this channel long enough you will begin to see a trend of mysterious sightings pretty much on a daily basis from locations all around the world.

Since the conception of the smartphone, practically everyone is carrying a high definition recording device ready to record in an instant. These devices have been a game changer, recording many mystery objects in our skies. 25 years ago this was not possible, today, people can share these mysterious encounters and have the ability to show proof of what they witnessed.

You will see many different unexplainable situations in these videos, once again these are ordinary people that were not looking for anything found them. #MrMBB333 #unexplained #unknown #[197,090]

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