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Bug Out/Emergency Medical Kit
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Black Swamp Prepping
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Published 4 years ago
This is my Bug Out/INCH/Emergency medical kit, it's not very tactical but more like practical in nature. If I ever have to leave my home for good or if the disaster is going to be rather large like a hurricane, I'll be taking this kit. Granted there are some things I will be missing however I just don't have the room and as you can see the bag is at full capacity. I do plan on upgrading the masks to N95 when I do have the available funds again.

I got the idea of having a kit like this from the Patriotnurse, her recommendations for a medical kit are a bit too much in the amount of content for me but I scaled down to a more manageable size for me and my family.
Her ultimate medical kit can be found here:

If you are preparing for a SHTF or WROL in the future, her earlier videos on emergency medical care should be required viewing, and if you are able to take her classes, please do so.

I am in no means an expert and stress that this kit is situated for my climate and conditions. I do not list any weaponry in my kits because this is intended as instructional for countries or states where some some weapons might be illegal. This is about having basic preparations for survival and the items I list are tools only.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please put them below.
Thank you.

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