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[Nov 20, 2017 Flat Earth - There are no Tennis Players on the Flat Earth [WOKETOWN]
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So today I want to talk to you about the spin of the earth and how it should reek havoc on a sport like tennis. Now, some of you may know that I have an extensive tennis background, about 25 years including playing in college and some lower level pro events as recently as this year when I traveled over to Japan, and this topic is something I’ve wanted to do a video on ever since I started looking into Flat Earth almost three years ago now.

Tennis players are meticulous by nature, practicing the same shot over and over trying to minimize the number of variables they encounter when playing the sport. Now, when it comes to variables, any experienced tennis player will tell you that they need to adjust for things like wind, altitude, humidity, court speed, even the brand of tennis ball, and one of the ways that pros make this adjustment is with the tension of the string in their rackets. Here’s Roger Federer talking about it.

Now, one thing you will never hear a tennis player talking about is making adjustments for the spin of the earth. Let me explain. Scientists and Teachers explain our lack of a spinning sensation by comparing it to tossing a ball in a car moving at a constant speed, but that’s only half of it. It’s more like tossing a ball in a car at a constant speed while going in a continuous circle, like the earth supposedly.

And anyone who has taken a physics class will tell you that speed with a change of direction will cause one to experience an acceleration, just like the ball in this exaggerated example where it is obviously affected.

Okay, I’m standing on a court that is oriented North to South like the majority of tennis courts, and accordingly popular science this court is spinning that direction at about 1,000 mph or almost 1,500 fps which equates to roughly a mile every 4 seconds. Now that’s in the horizontal. Using the formula for the curvature of the earth at 8” per miles squared, we are also moving in a vertical direction 8” every 4 seconds, or because it’s a squared relationship about ½” every second. Meaning if the center of the court is my reference point that side will drop by and half inch and that side will raise by a ½ every second. Here’s an example so you can picture what I’m saying.

Yet I don’t experience a difference playing from this side to that side or even if I was playing on a court that was oriented east-west.

And here’s the thing, this phenomenon should be different depending on where you are in the world due to the earth spinning at different speeds because of it’s shape. However, you will never hear the Minnesota Golden Gophers tennis team struggling against the Miami Hurricanes because the spin in Miami is almost 40% faster than Minneapolis.

In closing, Rafael Nadal can’t go back onto the court until his water bottle labels are in proper alignment. Dominika Cibulkova can tell you what tournament the balls are from based on their smell. These guys are unreal at what they do, and as tuned in as any athlete or scientist for that matter to the things that effect their craft and their environment, but the spin of the earth is simply is not one of them.

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