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Troddlers (1993, PC)
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Troddlers is puzzle game originally developed by Swedish company ATOD Design for the Amiga. It was ported to the PC by Danish company Breadline and published by British company The Sales Curve. It was also released for the SNES. Ports to the MEga Drive/ Genesis and C64 were planned, but cancelled.

The story is about two wizard's apprentices, Hokus and Pokus, who constantly cause mischief. One day, the wizard orders them to clean the rooms. However, at one point, both try out a package of "Instant Troddlers" they found to create Troddlers in order to do the work for them. They accidentally spill the whole package, creating a vast amount of Troddlers. To make matters worse, the Troddlers march into a magical box which teleports them to various different place. And not only are the Troddlers now in a hostile environment, teleporting also causes them to turn into zombies with a certain chance. When the wizard discovers the mess, he gets furious and orders Hokus and Pokus to safely bring back the poor creatures.

Troddlers is similar to Lemmings. In each levels, Troddlers will enter the level through a door and need to be guided to the exit. You need to get a given number of Troddlers to the exit within a time limit. Like Lemmings, Troddlers will also walk constantly in the direction they are facing, regardless of consequences. There are several differences, though. Troddlers can walk on walls and ceilings, as well. You also have a character (either Hokus or Pokus) you control, instead of giving Lemmings (or Troddlers in this case) tasks. Controlling your character is similar to Solomon's Key. He can jump, place blocks and remove blocks. You need to place blocks in way that the Troddlers can reach the exit. You only have limited number of blocks. Once you have run out, you have remove blocks from their current position.
Later on, the game introduces even more challenges. Sometimes, the wizards requires you to collect certain jewels within a level. Also, Zombie Troddlers and either hostile creatures appear.
The game can be played alone, in two-player co-op or two-player competitive mode.
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