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Satan's demon-possessed spirit channelers spread doctrine that God is Satan & Bible made by Satan
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Published 3 months ago |
*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (April 2022).

Warning: When Satan Lucifer starts manufacturing millions upon millions of his “LGBTPB-demons-infused through childhood rape sodomy” MK Ultra trauma-based mind-control hive-mind demon-possessed empty-shell-puppet “Order 666 5G shapeshifting human extermination hell’s army” spies reptilian hybrid feminist witch blasphemers like Benjamin Fulford & Jessica Marrocco & Kerry Cassidy & Laura Eisenhower, who are filled by Satan Lucifer’s spirit and LGBTPB demon spirits that start blaspheming the Holy Creator Almighty God when they notice that we real Christians are watching their video, then God’s judgment wrath will come upon the earth sooner or later. Only because of God’s mercy and love has he held that judgment back for 6,000 years to provide humans the opportunity to get saved through Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross.

I have a message to Satan Lucifer and his LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) perverted-sex “God’s Creation inverting” hive-mind spirit spies and handler spirits inhabiting inside the bodies and speaking through the minds of their brainless Illuminati NWO Draco-gene reptilian hybrid globalist elite bloodline MK Ultra trauma-based mind-controlled “multiple personality disorder” sound-speaker shell people like Benjamin Fulford and Jessica Marrocco and Kerry Cassidy and Laura Eisenhower, who are tortured & raped & sodomized as infants and small children by their Draco reptilian chimera alien incarnate avatar handler Satanist church pastors and pedophile cannibal Satanist witch church members inside church, who wear Jesus costumes to torture & rape & sodomize the infants and children, in order to use sodomy ancient Atlantis nephilim civilization Satanism Nazi Vril channeled Josef Mengele technology techniques to send electromagnetic pulses up from the anus through the spines to shatter the brain into thousands and thousands of D.I.D. fragmented mind compartments to house their thousands and thousands of spiritual-connection remote-control demon spirits “alter personality” that use these shell bodies like Benjamin Fulford and Jessica Marrocco and Kerry Cassidy and Laura Eisenhower, and who also channel Satan Lucifer’s fallen angel higher dimensional devil spirits into their bodies during their Illuminati New Age Wicca witch secret society cult occult witchcraft Satanist yoga séance necromancy “alien contactee” “ascended master contactee” meditation spirit-guide-channeling sessions to give them knowledge and psychic powers. We know exactly who you are and who your hive-mind spies are inside these mind-slave bodies that you use, in order to speak your blasphemies at God. We also know that you know exactly when we God’s real Christians are watching your videos, so that you always spew out the same God-hating blasphemies out of these childhood sex slave demon-possessed servants of yours. Do you take us for stupid Western feminist nations’ End Times apostate harlot Churches’ fake “women’s equality” pastors and religious Christian hordes, who are redefining Bible verses and rebelling against women’s head coverings so that their heads are controlled by the fallen angels, to stick their spiritual middle finger up at God in heaven, and cross-dressing in “Satan Lucifer’s post-1960s cross-dress-project” men’s trousers, and stealing Satan Lucifer’s fake unbiblical job position “pastor’s” unbiblical post-1873 10% salary tithe income taxes? You keep saying that the Almighty Holy Righteous Loving Creator God YHWH Jesus is the evil demiurge Creator and the devil.

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