Ukrainian Navy Divers Receive Training on Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
50 views • 09/30/2022

The triple bombing of the two Nord Stream pipelines this week is the most worrying geopolitical development in recent months and a potential trigger for a world war, with the West accusing Russia and Russia accusing the US – and Tucker Carlson – accusing the US and others accusing Poland aided by the Danish and Swedish military; planned and coordinated with US intelligence and technical support.

After all, the same day that the two Nord Stream pipelines were blown up, the Norway-Poland pipeline was opened!

Our demented US, EU and NATO Satanic overlords would have us believe that the Russians blew up their own pipelines but avoided blowing up this Norway-Poland pipeline that is right alongside it. These people are stupid. Maybe they all got prion disease from the Pfizer shot.

Canadian science blogger, Steve McIntyre pointed to the findings of German Journalist, Florian Warweg about an important sequence of US, UK and Ukrainian operations that appear to have prepared the sabotage of Nord Stream 2.

The US had begun stationing a combination of US, UK and Ukrainian military on Bornholm Island in April of this year. As part of NATO'S annual BALTOPS exercises in the Baltic Sea last June, the US Navy's 6th Fleet trained in the use of underwater drones, just off the coast of Bornholm Island, in the exact area where Nord Stream 2 was sabotaged.

One of the major "achievements" of the operation was the collection of over 200 hours of undersea data – data which presumably included precision mapping of the exact location of the Nord Stream pipelines that was sufficiently precise for remote sabotage.

Two months later on August 22nd, the US Navy and British Royal Navy trained the Ukrainian Navy on handling these underwater drones, as seen in this video, posted on YouTube by a channel called US Military Central.

The Royal Navy article on the training operation stated that the UK gave "six of the underwater drones to Ukraine". According to the, these UK drones given to Ukraine can deploy up to 100 meters. This is deep enough to hit the Nord Stream pipelines which are said to be about 100 meters deep (and maybe a little shallower near Bornholm Island).

Less than 4 weeks later, the Nord Stream undersea pipelines – which are hated by Ukraine, because they bypass the Ukrainian tolls on Russian gas that had been exploited and embezzled by so many Ukrainian oligarchs – was sabotaged.

To recap: Precision mapping of Nord Stream pipeline appears to have been carried out by the US last June under cover of "training", Denmark agreed to stationing US military on Bornholm Island, weeks later in August, Ukrainian specialists were trained by the UK and the US in the use of underwater drones, which could be remote controlled with precision and the UK gave six of these advanced drones to Ukraine, with the US providing the Ukrainians with precision location data of the Nord Stream pipelines.

EU leader, von der Leyen's initial reaction – before knowing the likely perpetrator – was to vow the "strongest possible response". Will she still be saying that when perpetrator is revealed?

Moon of Alabama has thorough commentary on Nord Stream sabotage, showing new information implicating the US, including recent routes of US military vessels and helicopters.

John Helmer claims that Nord Stream sabotage was carried out by Polish special forces "aided by the Danish and Swedish military; planned and coordinated with US intelligence and technical support". If so, a dangerous and reckless escalation.

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