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The Pharaoh Show (2012)
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The Pharaoh Show: Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland
This English version is a presentation by Dr. Sean Hross.

Chatzefratz - Published on Feb 19, 2012. "THE PHARAOH SHOW". This film in English is about the 'enemy within' and their secret symbols... the "Swiss Pharaohs". The proliferation of symbols is so they can better identify themselves to each other. Included in this video are many other codes of recognition.

The Swiss Pharaoh bloodline rules the world. We are their slaves #DebtSlaves #Mercenaries Their base is in Switzerland.

The Crusades. The last stronghold of the Templars in Accon Palestine fell on May 18, 1291. Only two and a half months later, Switzerland was founded on August 1, 1291 by the Knights Templar. Two months is the length of time it takes to get from Palestine to Switzerland on horseback, in those days.

So... the Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the Swiss banks were founded and all wars have been financed from ever since. Out of the Knights Templar came the Freemasons which proliferate all over Switzerland, Germany, Western Europe and out to the rest of the world.

The Pharaoh bloodline descending from the Egyptian Pharaonic family lineage found its way to the mountain stronghold that is Switzerland. The Pharaonic bloodline (relations of successive Pharaohs over millennia) entered religious service under the rule of Amenhotop IV who is also known as "Akhenaten" c.1350 BCE. The Egyptian Priests of Karnak or "Priests of Amun" have ancestors who are seen to this day ruling from the Vatican City. Consider this: Why is there a Swiss Guard stationed at the Vatican City? Why is there not an Italian Guard? What is the relationship that the Vatican has with Switzerland?

This Pharaoh bloodline rules the world to this day through numerous secret societies, commissions, councils, foundations, organizations, monarchies, banking institutions and a plethora of corporate interests. The Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the UN, NATO, the CIA, the Jesuit Order, the Trilateral Commission, and many more.

The Biblical book "The Exodus" states, "and the Pharaoh and his army disappeared in the sea" - The sea of peoples that is. Through mixing their blood with the tribes of the earth over millennia and centuries, this Pharaoh bloodline is amongst us in all key positions. Switzerland is their biggest base. It's the home of the Templars. This is why the Swiss flag shows a simplified Templar's flag in exactly the same colours. The Swiss Pharaohs are behind everything. Narcissistic, cannibalistic, psychopaths. This video has been uploaded with permission.

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