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"You a Bad B****, Right? You Know How That'd Play Out in a Fight!" #GreyArea?
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Published 5 months ago

#RickWalker (#Maverick #News, #Canada) and #JLenardDetroit discuss #Canadian #Rapper @TomMacDonald's (now #USA #Resident) "#Hitting a #Woman" #tune and other sub-topics as part of the #ChristiTutionalist #Politics "#GreyAreas" ( episode. "You Think You're A Bad Bitch, Right? We All Know How That'd Play Out In A Fight!" #TomMacDonald #HangOverGang #HOG

S1E22 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Nov 18 2023 and thereafter) at: )...

ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E22) "Grey Areas"

Topic "Whole lotta Grey Areas" piece!

We all wish things could be and were Black/White, Right/Wrong, Good/Evil, but reality is there are a whole lotta Grey area that do not so conveniently fit into the "definitive" this or that buckets. We shall examine that. Things do not always conveniently allow for a drive-by, pot-shot, clear and clean, limited Twitter attention span and space limitations!

Plus discussion with Rick Walker of Maverick News (Canada) on "Grey Areas" (The word itself, in the Law, Bill Clinton "what 'is' is," Yelling fire in a crowded Theater (Fraud in inducement, and incitement, NOT SPEECH), Canadian interference of/with/in Free Markets, and other US-Politics (as well as Canuckian) from a Canadian perspective) as like a Lawyer in Court I ask him leading questions an opposing Attorney would Object to! LOL

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