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Willing Enforcers, Vaccine Mania, CCP, amid more January 6, Climate Change, and Bubba race baiting
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Published 6 months ago |
Willing Enforcers, Vaccine Mania, CCP, amid more January 6, Climate Change, and Bubba race baiting

Also - INTRODUCING Straight Shooting News new series for SHORT CLIPS: BULLS EYES

This is Part Two of Straight Shooting News, Dec 19, 2021 -
(it is not necessary to watch Part One; this is a stand alone, but follows on.)
Bulls Eyes: this show starts with one of our new series, Straight Shooting News short clips:
Bulls Eyes
Jo Rose w/ Laura Ingraham
“A Vax Card to be able to work and eat?
The vax does not work
My Body My Choice
A majority of Blacks in NY oppose the vax
we will lose our freedom if this continues
The world is looking to the U.S. Fight Back.

Vaccine Mania
Tucker with Parent taken to court by school
Federal Dollars
Inconsistent Policy

Tucker w/ General Hospital Ingel Rodimarker
His Personal Choice
No valid argument because the vax does not work
It is about control

This is dangerous when you look at what is happening around the world
Why is it that this is happening? Is it just a Fauci Cover up?

Lab from Hell
Why are they blaming Americans, and all unvaxed
Author of the Asian Bully (China)
Unrestricted Bio-Weapon not completely lethal (Historic Chinese Warfare)
The U.S. Taught The commie Chinese scientists how to create the virus and funded it!
Now why would the U.S. work with Our Major Adversary commie China is the question we here at SNN have been asking since we first found out about the connection in May of 2020!
The virus escaped while the Commie Chinese were creating a Vax before they intended to release the virus on the World!
Commie China and Fauci covered up what occurred, which cost many vulnerable people their lives!

These People think they are funny and don’t care if they kill people
Humorous no, treacherous yes but people are waking up
No one wants vaxes and the old ones will be obsolete
Is it about money?

More Distractions

Jan 6 committee
Laura w/ Mollie Hemingway
Shifty manipulating documents again
Swalwell wants charges against Trump
Liz Cheney
Committee is violating its own rules

Laura Still Race Baiting
ESPN Bubba Wallace Documentary
Why Now?

Climate Change Fraud and economy
Explain economy and what is taking place
LAURA w/ Michael Shellenberger
Natural Gas

While all this is taking place from Fauci Lies to Shutdown looming to people Vax Cards and Congressional Chaos, and then back to Race Baiting, here is something that really has to be concerning to everyone, Meet Admiral Grady, nomination

Vaxes that don’t work being forced on us
Omicron a natural vaccine, but will be used by Biden for Mandates and Shut downs
Media pushing false information to support Biden
Harm being done by Fauci now and back then with AIDS
COVID Cards Police Willing Enforcers
School Madness Boosters or you can’t get an education
Commie Chinese Lab Cover up
Congress lies and distractions Jan 6th fraudulent committee
Race Baiting again
Climate Change
The Military

We Can Win If We The People Stand Together or hang Separately as fools! Ben Franklin I Believe


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