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Episode 173 - The Truth About October 2021 - Let's Go Brandon
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Published 3 years ago
The primary theme of October 2021 was LET'S GO BRANDON which is a reaction to the national Democrats' and Biden's continued push to destroy the country.

Economically - They continued to push inflationary economic policies and encourage the ongoing supply chain disruption. Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen are despicable and willfully negligent.

Covid - It's one lie after another - Gain of function, the spread of the virus, the boosters, children's vaccine, vaccine related deaths and adverse effects, therapeutic treatments, and natural immunity. To name a few.

Constitutionally - They ignore and spit on the Constitution as a matter of course but their legislative proposal to grant the IRS access to our bank accounts and the vaccine mandates top the list for October.

Politically - The dual justice system was alive and well. Open borders (i.e. the Democrats' voter drive) continued as did the projection of weakness to geopolitical foes.

Culturally - They continued their destructive divide-and-conquer electoral strategy with one set of rules for illegal immigrants and one for legal citizens.
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