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SRA Survivor Jeanette Archer: Her Story and Recovery
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Published 6 months ago

Max Interviews SRA survivor Jeanette Archer in a riveting conversation about Satanists, Reptilians, mind control and more. Jeanette was ritually abused with rape, torture, drugs and taken to the Tavistock Institute for mind control. She was trained in psychic abilities and as a super soldier and assassin. She was kept in dungeons beneath the Royal palaces in UK and put through rituals and abused by the Royal family, including the Queen. Jeanette witnessed the Queen shapeshift into Reptilian form during these rituals. Max and Jeanette discuss the ways these same satanic rituals and mind control have been done to the collective and how they use black magic, demonic entities and technology to achieve their agenda. The duo discuss resilience, our inherent power and the end of the dark rule. Jeanette is a shining example of a warrior who has overcome all attempts to destroy her and is in fact taking down her abusers by speaking the truth, which increases light and is anathema to their existence

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