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Do You Hear The Thunder Now?!!
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Behold I Come
Published 7 months ago |
Do you understand how late the hour is, and that at any moment, Father will take to Himself His first-fruits remnant, and those who are left will remain to face the Great Tribulation. He is calling all those who have not yet chosen Him to come out of the world and pick up His or Her cross and follow Him. The time is now! We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Make a choice for Yahushua. No choice is a choice for the enemy. Father loves you with all of His heart but you must choose Him..

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Greg Olson - O Jerusalem
Yongsung Kim - Christ stretching His hand out to His children


- The Elder Scrolls - Northpoint Nocturne
- Footprints in The Sand - Leona Lewis - SME On behalf of: Syco Music UK
- Aftermath - A Fallen Civilization-334 - rhsoundtracks - AdRev for Rights Holder
- Is Your Name Written in The Book of Life?
- I' Count The Cost

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