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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST... The Inverted World of the Illuminati!
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Join Heather, Mayla and Amelia as they discuss the inverted world of the illuminati. Their religion requires a ‘sacrifice’ which can be the death of their first born son or to switch their child's gender. We might believe that all these celebrities were discovered and just got lucky breaks but the truth is far more sinister. Many were bred into these illuminati bloodlines and their genders were switched at birth. Their world is completely inverted so the men have transitioned to women and the women transitioned to men. Most Hollywood actresses who we have been told to idolize and aspire to be like are actually men! This has eradicated the true sacred feminine and had damaging effects on a global level as we have been unknowingly living in their distorted world and have all been effected.
Heather, Mayla and Amelia explore these damaging effects, how we have all been deceived and how the truth about celebrities true genders have been hidden in plain sight. They also share tools for loving yourself and embracing your femininity that have helped them on their own journeys.
This is a topic that will be sure to blow your mind!!

Heather Noël

Mayla Lambert Amaron
Instagram: @maylalambertamaron

Resources Mentioned:
Rose Tinted Glasses - DIY Transvestigations Info:;t=6s

The Moon Child: Children of the transgendered elite:

Opening Video
Artist: Real-Time Films (YouTube)
Video Clip: Forest animation HD Cryengine real-time Bokeh dof

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