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How to Awaken the Divine Feminine: Deep Conversations on Unity and Self-Healing [S2, Ep4]
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Awakening Magick
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Published 4 months ago

In this episode, join us and our guest, Kate Heartsong (author of the book, Humanity's Cry for Change), as we immerse ourselves in a compelling conversation that centers around the Sacred Feminine Rising, the concept of Unity Consciousness that comes from within, and our collective transformative journey of self healing, whilst we all remember how to engage in conscious living again.

✨ The importance to understanding the Sacred Energies

✨ The upheavals occurring in the world and how we meander chaos and order

✨ The concept of oneness and dismissing the need for competition

✨ Moving toward true commUNITY and balancing the energies within lends to the healing process

✨ Exploration of the divine feminine, higher consciousness, and the unveiling of truths that have been hidden for far too long … AND MORE!

Join us for an enriching exploration in this episode of the Disrupt Now Podcast’s 2nd Season, New Earth Magick!


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