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EN/ES Pathologist Warns of COVID-19 Vaccines Causing Rise in Cancer Diagnoses
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Published a year ago

Pathologist Warns of COVID-19 Vaccines Causing Rise in Cancer Diagnoses

 One of the most obvious side effects that clinical pathologist Dr. Cole noted from COVID-19 vaccines is cancer and elevated clotting factors. Dr. Cole is being haunted by his claims.

 Clinical anatomical pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole warned the public that COVID-19 vaccines dramatically speed up the disease process.

 Doctors have reported that cancer patients who had been stable and those who had been in remission for years suddenly rapidly progressed to the fourth stage of their various illnesses.

 Cole has studied both SARS-CoV-1 and MERS. That is why when the program to develop the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 was announced, he immediately became suspicious.

 “I thought, wait a minute, you can't get the coronavirus vaccine. This family of viruses is not amenable to vaccination based on mutation rates. So my concern was very high from the beginning,” he said.

 “We are seeing reports of blood. We're looking at what's out of range on the blood reports. We are studying microbiology. We are studying molecular biology. We're looking at Pap tests. We are looking at all clinical parameters as well as tissue biopsies,” Cole explained.

 “I have 70 employees, and if there's a blood smear that looks weird, they bring it to me. If there are parameters in a test that seem way out of range, they bring it to me. And I call and talk to the doctor. I am the doctor's doctor. We have a consulting practice with physicians so you can help them understand what's going on with their patients, and then they can make clinical decisions going forward."

 One of the most glaring side effects Cole noted from COVID-19 vaccines is cancer.

 There was also a concern about elevated clotting factors. Cole said that was a shame because if people were prescribed anti-inflammatories, steroids and blood-thinning agents, more people would have survived.

 He explained that one of his colleagues, Dr. Shankara Chetty in South Africa, had success with steroid antihistamines and anticoagulant agents. In the first year of the pandemic, he said they saw drops in white blood cell counts and decreases in certain subsets of T cells, which keep viruses at bay, but more importantly, cancers.

 However, after the injections were implemented, many of the cell subsets began to decrease in number and there was a rebound in cancers, starting with uterine cancers and endometrial cancers.

 A military whistleblower has also come forward with data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), which shows dramatic increases in doctor visits for cancer and other conditions after his vaccinations.

 Unfortunately, after the DMED data was submitted, the Department of Defense (DOD) froze access to the website. The Department of Defense claimed that the "bug" in the system was responsible for the inflated numbers.

 Cole, a certified member of the American Board of Pathology as a clinical and anatomical pathologist, is now under attack because of his stance against COVID-19 vaccines.

 Cole under attack due to his stance against COVID-19 vaccines

 Idaho doctors now claim that patients came to their hospitals sick with COVID-19 after receiving advice or treatment from Cole.

 The American Board of Pathology also urged the Washington Medical Commission to consider Cole's actions. The Idaho Medical Association, on the other hand, filed its own complaint with the Idaho Board of Medicine, requesting disciplinary action on the basis that a pathologist's scope of practice does not include direct patient care of COVID treatment. -19.

 “Patients must be able to trust doctors with their lives and health,” the board wrote.


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