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EMF-390 Electronic Warfare
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Published 8 months ago |
NSA Whistleblower William Binney:

Radio Frequency and EF frequency readings taken at the Quality Inn on Cherry Street in White Settlement Texas, extremely high readings. I will upload video of readings taken upon arrival. Individuals targeted in the FBI Cointelpro operations are subjected to attacks using military grade technology of microwave weapons. These are Sonic weapons or ultrasound weapons as were used in the attacks on US diplomats in Cuba. The nations largest defense contractors are thought to take part in this human experimentation as they have been exposed to taking part in these programs in the past.

Lockheed Martin just 5-10 minutes from this location thought by many to take a leading role in the torture of civilians alongside such corporations as Raytheon.

The FBI cointelpro operations that were also exposed I the 1970’s employed a lot of the other steps taken in this program to terrorize activist and civilians. From stalking, harassment, assault, home break ins, drugging, slander, vehicle tampering to murder, these and all crimes in between are now commonplace in America being carried out on the civilian population. Mostly targeting activist and whistle-blowers yet targeting ordinary civilians as well just as they did in the past.
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