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The Milgram Experiment and the Mark of the Beast!
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Published 2 months ago |

The Milgram Experiment explained how people will blindy follow authority figures, even when they know it is wrong. And it has significant relevance to people's attitudes towards the Mark of the Beast.

The Milgram "shock" experiment was designed by Stanley Milgrim in the 1960's as a sort of "obedience experiment" where participants were told to give electric shocks to a person each time they gave a wrong answer. The electric shocks were to increase in voltage, up to lethal doses. What they did not know, was that the person they were apparently giving shocks to was an actor, and that the real experiment was to see whether they would obey an authority figure when asked to do something immoral.
When the Mark of the Beast is implemented, many people are going to blindly follow authority figures. Jesus says that people will hate one another and betray one another in the end times. The Milgram experiment gives us an indication that people will do just that.

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