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mRNA Injections are NOT a Vaccine -they do NOT prevent transmission of SARS-Cov-2
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Published a year ago |
In this video, Dr. David Martin explains why the mRNA technology is not a vaccine - by it's very definition - it is a process of manipulation of the human DNA i.e. genetic modification for good - .for you and all generations born from you. Few people realise this. Mention a 'vaccine' and they immediately associate that with traditional vaccines. This is the danger that lurks behind ignorance of the facts. You should always make an INFORMED decision and give INFORMED consent for the procedure.

If more people realised exactly what is going on, they would be far more careful and hesitant in rolling their sleeves up to have an EXPERIMENTAL treatment taken into their bodies - but they are clouded by the traditional understanding of what a vaccine is.
Dave Martin's video is an eye opener and should be viewed by everyone that is coerced into accepting this injected technology which has NEVER before been used on humans, and over the years it has proved fatal in it's administration to laboratory test animals.
If you're prepared to accept the risk in your fear of dying from a disease that 99.98% of people infected recover from without severe symptoms or after effects - then go ahead. Maybe the next generation of people born from those who refused the inoculation will be wiser.

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