Big Tech Fake Checkers
133 views • 06/04/2022
Big Tech and their political patrons have found a way to sugarcoat the term censorship and bring it out to be more acceptable through an ingenious idea. They have started using fact checking as a method to suppress the ideas that they do not agree with and propagate the ones that they find inclined with their worldview. The couple of years we have seen how fact- have become the biggest spreaders of fake news in the world and how they turn their opinions into facts.

In this world of narrative war, fact checking has become a tool to justify an opinion and stifle other opinions as well as facts that do not suit the narrative of the left liberal/globalist elite and Big Tech.

Social media fact checkers don’t have any special knowledge or ability to sort fact from misinformation; however, they have extraordinary power to shape what people believe. Stifling ideas can backfire if it leads people to believe there’s a “real story” that is being suppressed. This is becoming apparent and these fact checkers who have been given authority to term any and everything fake or real as per their convenience cannot even be made answerable in cases of the wrong attribution.
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