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A Warrior Calls
Published 2 months ago |
LIVE STREAMS Playlist: the world must go for TRUTH and the SOLUTION.

This is a live stream with Christopher James sharing update on current court corruption seen worldwide now.

We the people have the truth.. the 'RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE' do NOT apply to we the people...
This is how our public courthouses have been corrupt for over 150 years and it is now time we end it and the BAR!

The BAR is the most corrupt collective on this earth... and has been now shown of its vast corruption and theft.

This is a continuance expose on the corruption occurring right now on multiple common law courts established by the people.

Please share this truth far and wide for once the masses wake... we can together route out this corruption worldwide and restore the rule of law... not legal which does not apply to we the people [man or woman] this is fact and the world is waking.

Be a light to this world....know who you are NOT and then you will learn WHO you are and this repugnant society will be wiped off the face of this earth once and for all for massive crimes against us all.

God Speed
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